Conscious business practices for conscious people


North 61 is a conscientious, family-operated company inspired by Minnesota's North Shore.  Explore our American made & upcycled adventure gear.  


Paula Burns

Paula Burns is the curator of the North 61 brand. She is committed to the environment and building upon the cleanness of the company’s presence in our world. She refuses to go for cheap quality or foreign-made on any of our products. Carbon offset.


Patrick Burns

Patrick loves Minnesota and the outdoors. Since spending their honeymoon in the BWCA, he and Paula have had an affinity for this particular area of Northern Minnesota. Patrick ensures that the family aspect of the company keeps things fun and real.   


VP, Camp & Climb

Fiona enjoys climbing, snowboarding, hiking and swimming in cool, clean water. She keeps us pointed North with her born-to-lead demeanor. Fiona is currently teaching herself piano and Spanish.  


VP, Stream & Trail

Finn supervises North 61's stream and trail endeavors. An avid fisherman and hiker, Finn excels at distilling the essence of North 61 into actions that inspire others, young and old. That is dubstep coming through his headphones.  


VP, Snow & Skate 

Liam is responsible for North 61’s product testing and its emerging skate line. Liam is passionate about things with wheels and has an eye for style. He's been riding the backside of Lutsen's Moose Mountain since he was 9 years old.


King [Life Coach] and Clyde [Smell Tester]

Clyde and King help remind us to go for at least two daily walks outside -- and that the simple pleasures in life matter most.