Trademark rights are created by using a word, name, or symbol in commerce in association with the sale of goods or services. See 15 U.S.C. § 1127. Federal registration provides nationwide priority over all others to use a trademark in association with the sale of the goods or services listed in the trademark registration.

Since North 61 LLC was the first to use the North 61 and GO NORTH marks in association with the sale of hats, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweat shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, tank tops, leather bags, stickers, accessories, and retail store services, North 61 LLC obtained common law trademark rights to the North 61 and GO NORTH marks. Additionally, through our numerous trademark registrations with the State of Minnesota and United States Patent and Trademark Office, North 61 LLC has exclusive rights to the North 61 and GO NORTH marks across the United States.

While this means that North 61 LLC can prevent others from selling similar goods bearing the North 61 and GO NORTH marks, it does not mean that North 61 LLC can prevent businesses from truthfully indicating their location with the term “North 61.” For example, while it is trademark infringement to sell hats or t-shirts bearing the North 61 or GO NORTH marks, it is not infringement to state that your store is located on North 61. Trademark law is intended to protect against consumer confusion, and North 61 LLC enforces its trademark rights to ensure that consumers are not confused into believing that copycat and counterfeit goods originate from North 61 LLC. 



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